Lacking Discipline

Most of us think that starting is the most challenging part of achieving a goal. Nevertheless, I would argue that starting is the most straightforward part. In the beginning, you are quickly motivated because you start something new and break your routine. Difficulties arise when this honeymoon phase is over, and you have to discipline yourself to stick to your schedule.

I restarted blogging last March. I decided to post weekly. Starting, I had a ten-week streak until I decided to take a break for a week. So I broke consistency. Next week I posted again, but after that, I skipped two weeks. For no real reason, I could say I was tired, unmotivated, or not inspired, but if I'm honest with myself, I was too damn lazy to do it. I feel that violating my schedule once led to a slip in my discipline.

Another problem I face when writing is the expectations I have for a post. Most of my posts originate from my pet project. Thus to write something, I first have to make some progress with the development, and it's quite some overhead to do all these on the weekend.

Sometimes I split posts into multiple parts, which helps a bit, but the overhead of development and writing simultaneously is still significant.

So I'm planning to start a different blogging style from now on.
First, I decided that I will stick to my commitment to post every week. However, to reduce the overhead, I will have two categories of posts:

  • The first category will follow the same pattern as my previous posts. It will be related to some side projects, new technology I tried, or analyzing a technical subject.
  • The second category will include lighter topics like the one you are currently reading. Possible subjects might originate from issues such as workflow, productivity, career, or just compilations of resources I found useful.

Apart from this change of style, I will also try to be more vocal in different mediums. Right now, I feel like I'm talking to an empty room. The fact that very few people will read my articles and probably won't judge me creates a safe environment. However, I started this to have a voice, so I need to step out of my comfort zone and expose myself.

That was it for today! This post was quite reflective and felt like a self-intervention. If you could relate to any of the above, feel free to tell me about your struggles and how you approach them in the comments below. Stay tuned!

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